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"The Abducted" Review

Let me get right to it: this week’s episode of Fringe was great. This entire season is a significant improvement over last year’s hit-or-miss episodes. Season 3 has nestled into a nice new format. Rather than having a case-of-the-week that would feel like a waste of time in the scope of the series, or a mythology-heavy episode, Season 3 has managed to combine the best of both. Somehow, the case-of-the-week format is still there, but in addition, there’s a proper sprinkling of mythology to keep our interest.

“The Abducted” is a perfect example of this new format. If “The Abducted” had been presented as a simple case-of-the-week story (and it probably would have, last season), I would have been disappointed. Although the Candyman storyline about a youth serum
was compelling, it just isn’t enough for a show like Fringe.

Fortunately, we get our Regular Olivia back, and she was awesome this week. Henry was back, too, as the understanding Taxi driver we met in the Season 3 opener, “
Olivia.” He’s a really nice guy, and I’m glad to see him back this season.

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I love how “The Abducted” sheds light on the difference between both Olivias. Regular Olivia decides to go back and save Broyles’ son (who’s alone in that house that looks like the one from North by Northwest), and almost misses her window of escape. Maybe we’ll see a change in Alternate Olivia down the road, but I just don’t see it happening. She’s too invested in her mission, and maybe that’s because the stakes are higher. It’s hard to say either way.

The end of “The Abducted” really changes the series, and I’d say for the better. I was genuinely surprised that Regular Olivia’s mission to cross back over failed. She was so close to making it! Her “I don’t belong here!” line was especially unsettling.

Thankfully, Olivia got a message across to that cleaning lady on Liberty Island. Peter finally knows the truth, and it’ll be interesting to see how he acts on that knowledge. Will he confront Alternate Olivia? Something tells me he won’t.

“The Abducted” was a refreshing episode of
Fringe that pushes all the characters closer to knowing the truth. I should also mention here that Fringe will begin airing in the Friday Night death slot starting in January. Some believe this means the series is doomed to cancellation. Let’s hope that’s not the case.

But if it is - I hope the show goes out with a bang.


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