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"Beau Soleil" Review

God, I love pen-ultimate episodes. Next week comes the highly anticipated season finale of The Killing and I can already tell: it’s going to be a painful wait until next week. “Beau Soleil” gives us a reason to get excited, delivering a great episode with an explosive finale. My television reviews are always super-spoiler filled, but I want to give a quick warning: Don’t read until you’ve watched “Beau Soleil.”

“Beau Soleil” is full of revelations and plot-development, but that’s not to say it’s devoid of character changes. There are several important character moments - many involving the Larsen family. Mitch and Stan’s confrontation at the prison is especially striking. The moment where Mitch exhaustedly declares that she knew it would come to this was quite powerful. I like that Stan argues back, too. He’s been pretty submissive to Mitch and it was nice to see him accuse her of pushing him to jail.

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In other development, Mitch fires Belko (is it weird I felt sorry for him?) and Terry has to confront her own involvement in Rosie’s murder. It was an interesting development to have Terry play the “fun” aunt who gave Rosie a fake ID and inadvertently pushed her down a dark path. Terry naturally has a tough time with this news, culminating in her heated accusations against Mitch. That confrontation was really painful to watch.

Meanwhile, we finally meet Jack’s dad... which was a bit disappointing. As a reader pointed out in
my review of “Undertow,” the father could have been Richmond. That definitely would have been more exciting than this random character, but Richmond was saved for much better plot developments. Still, Sarah had a nice bit of dialogue with Jack’s real father, warning him to stay the hell away. And that’s to be expected after Sarah’s experience last week.

The Rosie Larsen case finally makes huge strides with Terry’s explanation of “Orpheus” - a man with a drowning fetish, preying on escorts. And then we get to the end. I’m sorry, but the way that all came together was pretty damn awesome. From the email, to the Richmond posters, to Gwen’s photographs... God, it was such a perfect setup.

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With each new element, I tried desperately to defend Richmond: “Oh, maybe that’s someone else’s email address or computer;” then “Oh, maybe Holder’s just looking in the wrong place...” and then “Crap, there’s no way to deny Richmond all over Rosie Larsen in these pictures.” It was a brilliant setup, and having Richmond catch Sarah red-handed only makes the final moments darker. And showing him in silhouette was particularly striking.

I know I’ve said this before (about Bennet in particular), but is there any way Richmond
didn’t do it? I’m really hoping Richmond is the killer, and that the writers don’t throw another wild card into the mix. If Richmond did kill Rosie, how will that play out? Does the show have anywhere else to go? It’s hard to say, as that becomes the same problem that plagued Twin Peakssecond (and final) season.

But let’s try not to think of that for now. Instead, let’s enjoy the way “Beau Soleil” caught us off guard with a kick-ass ending that raised the bar in a big way. Let’s eagerly await next week and see where the series goes from there. I’m at the point where I trust the writers... they’ve earned it.


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